Crumble, freeze, melt, smile, bite, exhale! MIMO Cookies is zen-powering through our memory lanes with MIndfully made MOuthful of plant-based scrumptiousness!

Ready to scale and enter big-retail shelves, MIMO was set to make other cookies burn with shame. With the product so good, so fresh and so cool - all MIMO needed to bake a better world was to let us dough the job!  New to the block, determined to melt our perception of frozen stuff and halfway through the process of developing a killer look for the big launch, MIMO had one big, cookie monster question to ask: who am I as a brand? How would consumers and professionals view and understand me? What do I want them to think and feel? How does the way I look connect to what I stand for and what I represent?


Enter A.D. new world’s brand strategy. The task wasn’t easy and we didn’t have much time. We had to fix the foundations of the already-built house. How did we do it? Next to a rather unconventional brand-storm-sessions that involved the mind, voice, dreams, stories and hopes of MIMO fearless founder, we might have brought on board the wisdom of a big panda, a tiny dragon, the genius of a child’s mind and visual thinking that comes from the … fashion world. Zen power to y’all!

Result? We landed a freshly baked perspective on the frozen category, we gave the brand a simple recipe to distance all future competitors and copy-cats, we sharpened the definition of the target audience, we gave communication a semiotic and semantic foundation that will last years, and we created a living, breathing, human, multidimensional brand. 

Welcome to the world of MIMO! In MIMO land, there is no good or bad food but only good ingredients & mindful eating. MInd 🍪 Care 🍪 Indulge MOments and have them cookies freshly baked.

 New MIMO look - Kim Kamperman / DE ONTWERPSCHUUR


Brand & packaging design: Kim Kamperman / DE ONTWERPSCHUUR

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