"Working with Anna was an amazing and seamless experience. I loved her strategic, intellectual and playful approach to my brand. I finished the process feeling very confident in the foundation of my brand and how consumers and professionals would view and understand it. This process completely changed my view on working with designers and opened my eyes to the importance and value of working with a brand strategist before ever diving into the world of visuals. Anna is a 11/10 and I couldn't recommend working with her more. Besides being an amazing professional she is an incredibly kind and intelligent person."

Amit Prisholnik | Founder 

MIMO Cookies


"It is so difficult to find a business partner that you can trust: and we have found that in each other. Anna created a brand strategy for Studio Vondst and gave my business more meaning, helping me transition to working with sustainable brands."

Thirza Kok | Owner  

Studio Vondst 

"It is hard to reflect on your own brand. Sometimes you need someone from outside to help you see things you can't see. Thanks to Anna, we have a clear analysis of our brand. We know what can be done better. That is exactly how we do things! We address the cause, not just the symptoms! We feel cured in a holistic way!"

J. Schreuder | Owner

Schreuder Natuurgeneesmiddelen


"It was a pleasure working with Anna on a Brand Strategy for Forward·Inc! The process was structured yet organic, allowing for the best outcomes. She took the time to really dive deep and understand the environment we are operating in. What I appreciated most was her taking the time to conduct in-depth interviews with the newcomers we work with, to truly grasp what we stand for. The final presentation was so comprehensive, combining very applied action points with high-level ideas that are crucial for Forward to scale. I would work with Anna again in a heartbeat and she truly left a mark at Forward.ng profits by creating a long-term value."

Laura di Santolo | Managing Director 



"Anna helped us get our focus back. She helped us understand who we are as a brand. She stepped in and led us through all the things we did not know how to approach in a design process. We're happy with the result. We would not have done it without her. "

Derk Domela Nieuwenhuis | Managing Partner 

Bosch Advocaten 


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