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We need human brands to help us grow human businesses. Build up the human side of your brand using branding tools designed for social, impactful businesses! 


BRAND STRATEGY | brand identity, brand architecture, brand positioning, brand story, brand mission, brand vision, brand purpose

We're building up the human core of your brand.  From brand-storming your vision and mapping the brand universe, through analysis of your category landscape up to the journey to the brand's narratives & storylines.  Using the human-centred, interdisciplinary strategic tool designed to help social, impactful businesses - we're going to let that human side of your brand come out. We're happy to write up a charge-free plan of how we could approach it when it comes to your brand! 

BRAND DESIGN | visual identity, brand & design guidelines, packaging design, photographic identity, sound design

How you look as a brand should be a natural extension of the core of your brand.  The only way to stand out is to have your design language speak for who you are as a brand. A.D. new world works with a collective of A-level brand talent to deliver on this task. We'll find you the right match and guide you through the whole process. From a killer creative briefing, through creative concept,  design development to photography & smooth delivery. Just because magic mark-ups and middlemen hassle are not for us - it will all be done directly, transparently and 100% mark-up free. 


BRANDING WORKSHOPS | coaching, training, lectures, speakership

Reflecting upon the ethical aspects of using branding tools created for fast brands, we'll set you up for the journey to the core of a human brand. This is a new and fresh perspective on branding strategies. We'll show you not only how to avoid fast branding traps, but also how to repurpose old marketing guides to better serve the social economy and impactful, purposeful brands. Social entrepreneurs, zebra hubs, impact accelerators, impact meet-ups and summits, and marketeers hungry for new knowledge: get in touch. 

Proud to work with the champions of the new world.


 © Anna Duszczynska & A.D. new world 2022 

 © Anna Duszczynska & A.D. new world 2022 

 © Anna Duszczynska & A.D. new world 2022