After five years of consecutive growth and (impact-proofed) success in helping newcomers pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, FORWARD · INC asked A.D. new world to develop the brand strategy to help pave the Forward · Way. The question was: where does this road lead?  


Living the sirens & saviours to sing the songs of promised lands –  we set our course straight & sharp:  we want to be the zebra amongst unicorns and dinosaurs. We want to help more newcomers become entrepreneurs. We want to do so at scale and without sacrificing what matters to us: designing with people, designing for people, and putting the community first. End goal: challenge the high-growth industry and transform the culture of fast incubation sprints by offering more impactful growth alternatives.

We prepared our journey well.  We started with mapping our brand universe.  We took our time to listen to its inhabitants, we made sure we are on board with its values and norms. We studied our challenges until we could craft them into our strengths. Only then we were ready to dive in, only then we were ready to look within. The deeper we got into the core of our brand – the more electrifying stories we found, and the more human our brand has become. In nodes and flows of our storylines, we have found our Forward · Path. We did it by staying exactly as we are: we found it by standing our ground.


That Forward · Ground: 

that Forward · Culture, that Forward · Community, that Forward · Citizenship? This is the FORWARD · INC.  

Why ‘the dot’ you might ask? It makes the point of being grounded in what they stand for and who they are.  Here they come – taking the high road, cultivating the higher grounds - where newcomers became entrepreneurs, where entrepreneurship grows deeper than fast, far and high.

Do you want to find out how building up the human core of the brand could work for you? Get in touch and ask for a charge-free plan of approach. 


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