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A.D. new world is a conscious branding consultancy for social enterprises, B-corps and zebra start-ups. 

A.D. new world mission is to lead brands to become champions for a better world. A world that works for everybody - fair, equal, inclusive, unconstrained, and diverse.  

A.D. new world believes that the better is within our reach. Brands can come into the new world’s power if they truly look within.

A.D. new world challenges brands to wake up to their social core, connect with their community, and contribute to a purposeful world.

A.D. new world supports other non-corporate organizations making profits by creating a long-term value, designing win-win solutions, and driving positive change in their industries.

Social brands and zebra start-ups are often stuck with the quick guides from the old era of marketing and the ‘unicorn’ branding DIYs. That is why we should change that. That is why I  help social brands  grow from the human, impactful, social core. 

I believe that social enterpreneurship should be able to benefit from a compatibile, social, impact-focused branding services. 

As the founder of the A.D. new world,  I bridge the gap between the corporate champions league and social entrepreneurship and offer a network and knowledge-based alternative to agency services. 

I have over 15 years of experience in elevating brand performance of the world’s most renowned brand powerhouses (Heineken International, The Absolut Company, Pernod – Ricard, Diageo, Nikon, Kraft-Heinz). I channel this experience into creating vivid, culturally relevant brand personalities free from gender bias, stereotypes, and limiting paradigms.

Through my work and approach, I contribute to building a better, more equal and inclusive creative industry & co-create a  community of independent, impact oriented creative thinkers and doers. 



The new world brand strategy calls for a new approach.

A.D. new world conscious brand core© is an innovative and interdisciplinary branding tool created specifically for social enterprises, B-corps and impact making brands.

A.D. new world conscious brand core© awakens the social brand identity and connects brands with their human, conscious core. 

A.D. new world conscious brand core© uncovers the full brand potential allowing your business to evolve in equilibrium with the relevant cultural codes and build stronger connections with your audience. 

A.D. new world conscious brand core© builds brands that are free from bias, stereotypes, and the old world paradigms.



Builds strategic foundations for your purposeful brand universe from the ground up or strengthens your existing brand positioning.


brand identity, positioning, architecture, mission statement 


Finds the perfect creative match to translate your postioning into the unique  design that speaks for your brand.


brand visual identity, sonic identity, photographic identity 


Enables direct access to the impact network connecting social enterprises, B-corps & zebra start-ups with impact-oriented, A-level creative talent.


knowledge based, direct, transparent, mark-up free, agents & agency free


The brand universe can be expressed in countless ways.

Because of that,  you can only become relevant once your  website, your packaging design, your logo, your messaging, your photography speak from the core of your brand.

Be it the business plan, brand strategy, creating a website, the packaging design, the complete change of brand wardrobe or a no strings attached chat:



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location: Amsterdam


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