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branding for social enterprises, zebra start-ups and all brands with impact at heart  


A.D. new world helps  social & impact entrepreneurs build up and strengthen the human core of their businesses & brands.

A.D. new world challenges brands to work with branding tools and strategies compatible with the social, doing-good economy.

A.D. new world educates the impact industry about the risks involved with using fast branding tools & tricks. 

A.D. new world mission is to bridge the gap between branding champions league and social, impactful entrepreneurship. 

A.D. new world works with businesses balancing profit and purpose, creating long-term value, designing win-win solutions, and driving positive change in their industries.

Hello, I'm  Anna Duszczynska, the founder of A.D. new world. I'm a brand strategist, branding consultant and branding trainer. I have over 15 years of experience working with the world’s most loved brands (Heineken, Absolut, Pernod – Ricard, Diageo, Nikon, Kraft-Heinz, Unilever). I want to channel this experience to help impactful brands access the A-league branding tools and grow from a human, social core.  I advocate for human brands during Europe’s biggest impact meet-ups, conferences and accelerator programmes (Impact Fest, FEBEA, AFIN, ADV Romania, Unsung Heroes, Social Tech 4EU, Social Tides/ as well as through my client portfolio (Forward·Inc, SEIF – driving impact innovation, Schreuder Natuurgeneesmiddelen, Studio Vondst, SENS Suisse Social Entrepreneurship, MIMO Cookies). I'm part of the European Union network of social economy stakeholders and providers (ENSIE) supporting social entrepreneurship capacity-building programmes. I'm also one of the  2022 Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise (Euclid Network &


The problem?              

Social enterprises & impact sector have no compatible branding tools to help them grow from a human, social core. 

What we have at hand was created for the fast economy & fast brands. When using it - we risk injecting our brands with harmful narratives.


A.D. new world's solution:

A.D. new world's conscious brand core© is an interdisciplinary branding tool designed specifically for social enterprises & impact brands.

Conscious brand core© awakens the human brand identity by building up the social, connective core of the brand. 

Conscious brand core© allows you to get to know your brand on a personal level, connect stronger with your audience and grow your business in equilibrium with the relevant cultural codes.

Conscious brand core© builds brands that are free from bias, stereotypes, and the old world paradigms.


"Anna's work was so comprehensive, combining very applied action points with high-level ideas that were crucial for Forward to scale. I would work with A.D. new world again in a heartbeat! Anna truly left a mark at Forward - her work had such a profound impact on the organisation, the culture, the people and the team."

Forward·Inc | Laura di Santolo | Managing Director


Proud to work with the champions of the new world.


 © Anna Duszczynska & A.D. new world 2023 

 © Anna Duszczynska & A.D. new world 2022 

 © Anna Duszczynska & A.D. new world 2023