Key values of the Bosch Advocaten managing partners: clarity, precision, allowing space for dialogue and vulnerability in legal services, were injected into the brand strategy and translated into the redesigned visual identity. The visual style speaks from the core of the brand and - most importantly - it speaks to the real human beings: people with difficult and often sensitive problems that require not only an expert representation but also the time taken to listen and be kind. 

Bosch Advocaten - specialists in labour law - asked A.D. new world to redefine its communication strategy to better speak for the core of its brand.   

The clean design, together with a concise copyrighting style, as well as the natural photography, placed the managing partners in a daily setting, showing their everyday gestures, behaviours and reactions. The brand world became exactly like the founders' vision of legal services: human, honest and clear. All of it challenges the distant, cold and hierarchical style of corporate branding. Bosch Advocaten branding challenges the communication that purposely confuses and overwhelms glorifying the misbalance of power within the legal services.  

A.D. new world's task?  Creating a re-branding strategy by adding the human touch to this long-established brand. Bringing forward the human side of legal services. Making legal services more accessible and humane. 

A.D. new world - brand strategy & brand direction 

Partners: Martin Cadwalder - brand visual identity




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